BA in Anthropology

Taylor Nichols , 2013

Taylor  Nichols

Year you graduated with your BA

2013 - B.A. in Anthropology

Your current graduate program (concentration or department)

M.A. in Korean at The University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Your future plans after you finish graduate school

I received a Boren Fellowship to fund the study-abroad portion of my M.A. program, so I will spend at least a year after graduation working for the government in some capacity.

How you use what you learned from anthropology and your anthropological training at Mason

Learning a second language requires seriously engaging with another culture, and anthropology is the best preparation I can think of for that kind of academic work. My M.A. program started with a semester in Hawaii followed by two semesters at Korea University, and I am now in the final semester back here in Hawaii. While I was in Korea I took sociology and political science courses taught in Korean and did an internship at Korea University's Center for Digital Humanities. I think both of those experiences would have been far more difficult had I not majored in anthropology. During my time at Mason I developed the ability to be flexible in a different cultural setting and I learned how to be more understanding of cultural differences. I think the great anthropology professors I had at Mason really prepared me well for this experience!