Stacey Kathleen South

Stacey Kathleen South

Stacey Kathleen South

Anthropology: bioarchaeology, queer theory, sex and gender, Indigenous theory, decolonization

Stacey South is a professional bioarchaeologist who specializes in queer and Indigenous theory. Decolonial methodology is always at the core of their research questions and analyses, and they are particularly passionate about disrupting modern naturalized narratives around sex, gender, and sexuality that have emerged as a consequence of settler-colonial rule.

South is a master's student at George Mason University in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology pursuing their MA in Anthropology.

South is also the Administrative Assistant at the Center for Social Science Research where they facilitate open communication, provide support for events, and complete various data-related administrative tasks to aid the center in completing its goals.

Current Research

South is currently affiliated with the Texas Rural Health and Heritage Project (PI Dr. Rick W.A. Smith) which uses publicly available vital records data to examine the morbidities and mortalities of the plantation effect on farmers in the blackland prairie ecoregion of postemancipation Texas.

South is also currently working on their independent master's project which will look at the cross-sectional geometric properties and diaphyseal morphology of long bones from individuals interred during the Postclassic period at the Belizean archaeological site of Santa Rita Corozal.

Grants and Fellowships

2023 Graduate Student Travel Fund ~ $350

2022 High Impact Grant, George Mason University ~ $4,000

2022 Summer Research Fellowship, George Mason University ~ $6,000


Courses Taught

Anth 135: Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Anth 120: Unearthing the Past: Prehistory, Culture, and Evolution


M.A. in Anthropology, George Mason University (in progress)

B.A. Dual Concentration: Anthropology and Sociology. University of Michigan Dearborn 2020. Honors Thesis: Queer Identities in Bioarchaeological Analyses

Recent Presentations

2023 The impacts of state-sanctioned marriage on morbidities and mortalities in the blackland prairies of post-emancipation Texas: Poster Presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association of Biological Anthropologists