Guinevive Alyce Halstead-Johnson

Guinevive Alyce Halstead-Johnson

Guinevive Alyce Halstead-Johnson

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Anthropology: Zooarchaeology, aDNA, genomics, bioarchaeology

Guinevive Halstead-Johnson is a 33 year old graduate student who entered the Bachelor's Accelerated Master's (BAM) Program. Zooarchaeology student with a background in Biology and Paleontology. The Teacher's Assistant for Dr. Susan Trencher's ANTH-114 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology class.

Outside of school life Guinevive enjoys reading, writing, gardening, archery, leatherworking, Dungeons & Dragons, and spending time with her four cats.

Current Research

Evidence for Dog Domestication at the Czech Republic site of Predmosti during the Pleistocene - working with Dr. Briana Probiner at Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

Exploring a Preference for 3-6mo reindeer calves at the Tukuto Lake site in Alaska - working under the guidance of Dr. Jamie Clark at George Mason University.

Grants and Fellowships

Federal Pell Grant - 2014-2020

National Science Foundations' Student Research Grant - 2021


High School: Twinfield Union School

Undergraduate Career: Associates of Sciences with Honors from Northern Virginia Community College

Bachelor's of Arts in Anthropology (Minors in Biology and Paleontology) from George Mason University

Archaeology Field School: REU (NSF) Site of Gila River Farm Site with Archaeology Southwest.