Erin L Sears

Erin L Sears

Erin L Sears

Adjunct Faculty

Anthropology: Archaeology, Olmec, Maya, Mesoamerican Ceramics, Late Classic Maya Figurines

Erin L. Sears (2016 Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Kentucky) currently conducts field research in the Southern Petén/ Alta Verapaz regions in Guatemala. Her work investigates how the Late Classic Maya were integral in the exchange of goods to long-distant sites in the north. Dr. Sears specializes in understanding the complexity of production and depositional processes of ancient ceramics. 

Selected Publications

Erin L. Sears

2017    Mesoamerica- Maya. In The Oxford Handbook of Prehistoric Figurines, edited by Timothy Insoll, pp. 221-244. Oxford University Press, London.

Pool, Christopher. A., and Ponciano Ortiz Ceballos, Maria del Carmen Rodríguez, Erin L. Sears, Ronald L. Bishop, and M. James Blackman

2017    The Arroyo Phase at Tres Zapotes. In Early Olmec and Mesoamerica: The Material Record, edited by Jeffery P. Blomster and David Cheetham, pp. 89-118. Cambridge University Press, London.