Kota Andrejko Fleming

Kota Andrejko Fleming

Kota Andrejko Fleming

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Anthropology: Skeletal Trauma, Archaeology of Violence, Forensic Anthropology, Osteology, Bioarchaeology of the Southwest, Egypt, Asia, Archaeology, Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology

Kota Fleming received her B.A in Anthropology from the University of Arizona. She received the School of Anthropology’s Scholar’s Award and was nominated for U of A’s Outstanding Senior Award. Her primary research focus is in the Bioarchaeology of the Southwest, specifically on trauma and violence among Early Agricultural Period farmers. She also has academic interests in Egyptology and Paleopathology. She was accepted to George Mason to complete her MA in Biological Anthropology with a focus in Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology. She began curation work at the National Park Service's Western Archeological and Conservation Center. She has been working in the Tree-Ring Archive at the University of Arizona since May of 2018.

Selected Publications

Fleming, Kota, and James T. Watson, 2018. “Raiding and Warfare in Early Farming Villages of the Sonoran Desert.” Kiva 84(4):424-439

Courses Taught

2020:      Graduate Teaching Assistant for ANTH 120 -Unearthing the Past, Dr. Jamie Clark, George Mason University

2017:       Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for ANTH 468/568 – Human Osteology, Dr. James T Watson, University of Arizona

2017:       Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for ANTH 160A – Ancient Egyptian Civilization, Dr. Pearce-Paul Creasman, University of Arizona


2015-2018:    Bachelor of Arts, University of Arizona, Major: Anthropology, Minor: Medieval Studies