Alexander Robert Carle

Alexander Robert Carle

Alexander Robert Carle

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Anthropology: spaces and functions of religion, Sikh diaspora, India (Punjab), globalization, identity, ethnographic methods and theory, postcolonialism, gentrification

(He/Him/His) As a student in the Master's of Anthropology Program, I study religious environments, the cultural functions of religion, globalization, identity formation, and postcolonialism through an analysis of Sikhism and the Sikh diaspora. 




Current Research

My current research focuses on Punjabi Sikhs and the Sikh diaspora. More specifically, I am studying the Foundation of Virginia as a space that serves the religious, ethnic, local, and translocal needs of Sikhs living in Northern Virginia. 


Towson University, Baltimore, MD:
Bachelor of Science, Sociology and Anthropology, 2019