Zahra Khan

Zahra Khan

Zahra Khan

Graduate Research Assistant

Sociology: Women and gender issues, human rights, social and cultural change

Zahra Khan has a BS in Economics, from Lahore (Pakistan).  She is currently a master’s student of sociology at George Mason University, and recently joined the Institute for Immigration Research as a graduate research assistant. Currently, she is studying immigrants in the medical profession and the transportation industry.  She is interested in applying sociological research to development programs.  

Zahra aspires to one day have her own public sociology blog oriented towards highlighting the life of women in Pakistan.  Zahra’s fields of research include: South Asian Studies, Immigration, Women and Gender Issues and Cultural Change and Social Development.

Selected Publications

Huffington Post: The BLOG

The Contribution of Immigrants to the U.S. Trucking Industry 

America's Future Doctors: Immigrants and the Medical Profession