PhD Student Profiles

  • Rasmieyh R Abdelnabi

    Rasmieyh R Abdelnabi

    Sociology: Sociology of Globalization, Social Movements, Transnational Women's Movements, Arab Culture and Society, Gender and Feminist Studies

  • Daniel Kamran Afzal
  • Marisa Camille Allison
  • Alysia Blake

    Alysia Blake

    Sociology: immigrant integration, stigma, gender and race, social justice

  • Sean Doody

    Sean Doody

    Political economy, digital sociology, computational sociology, science & technology, critical theory

  • Mohamed Elgohari

    Mohamed Elgohari

    Sociology: Political Sociology, Law, Democratization, Social Movements, Middle East, Egypt.

  • Marissa Kiss
  • Andrea C. Kramer

    Andrea C. Kramer

    Sociology of religion, the Catholic Church, sociology of higher education, gender, disability

  • Judith Lewetchou

    Judith Lewetchou

    Sociology: Globalization; Development-induced Displacements, Global South; Livelihoods improvement

  • Ismail Nooraddini

    Ismail Nooraddini

    Quantitative and qualitative research methods, family and adolescent social capital, immigration, and gender.

  • Sarah Nidia Ochs

    Sarah Nidia Ochs


  • Briana L Pocratsky

    Briana L Pocratsky

    Sociology: popular culture, youth, class, sociology of everyday life

  • Samantha Samuel-Nakka
  • Jason Andew Smith

    Jason Andew Smith

    race/ethnicity, media policy, media sociology, representation, civil society

  • Erin M Stephens

    Erin M Stephens

    Sociology: social movements, race, gender & emotion

  • Christian Rafael Suero

    Christian Rafael Suero

    Sociology: Sociology of education, well-being, labor, race, and class.

  • Josh Tuttle

    Josh Tuttle

    Migration, religion, authoritarianism, critical theory

  • Margaret Zeddies

    Margaret Zeddies

    Sociology: Globalization, Cultural Sociology, Children and Youth, Humanitarianism, International Development