SOCI 851: Globalization and Social Movements

SOCI 851-001: Globalization/Social Movements
(Fall 2022)

04:30 PM to 07:10 PM W

Angel Cabrera Global Center 1320C

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This course examines the collective movements that challenge, resist, and transform the unequal political and economic relations engendered by contemporary globalization. The onset of neoliberal globalization has been marked by violence, notably in the Global South, dispossessing populations from their livelihoods, removing safety nets to subsistence, damaging nature, and embedding society in uncertain futures. In this course, we study how people enact, resist, and transform global power relations. By the end of the course, students will have a nuanced understanding of the way movements for environmental conservation, economic justice, indigenous land rights, and political liberty reshape globalization. A few movements we study include La Via Campesina, the shack dwellers movement in South Africa, the Arab Spring, and Bhopal gas tragedy survivors’ movement in India. Attention will be given to building new theories and concepts based on an understanding that engages with the multiplicities of experiences of globalization, morality, agency, and subjectivity along with organizational questions.


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Credits: 3

Analyzes current issues in the study of social movements, with an emphasis on the ways in which globalization shapes and in turn is shaped by social movements. Emphasis is placed on the relations among the strategies, identities, and organizations bound up with transnational social movements and the relation between the dynamics of global political and economic developments and protest movements in core and peripheral societies. May not be repeated for credit.
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Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.

Schedule Type: Seminar
This course is graded on the Graduate Regular scale.

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