SOCI 395: Special Topics in Sociology

SOCI 395-001: CrtingBlckMusic:Spritls/HipHop
(Fall 2024)

04:30 PM to 07:10 PM M

East Building 201

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Music has been, and continues to be, a central theme in Black life. This is so, because music highlights both the individual and collective ways in which Blacks have absorbed aspects of their unique experiences in American and used those experiences to create music that reflects their individual and collective desires to be free of the shackles imposed by the larger dominant culture, and to make, shape, and re-shape their idea of who and what they wish to be and do. Viewing Black music from Spirituals to Hip Hop permits us to analyze and critique how and in what ways the lived experience of a people is reflected in the kind of music they create, and what the music and lyrics tell us about their unique problems in their inner world, and the larger societal issues pressing on them in the outer dominant outer world. The totality of Black music will reflect love, pain, happiness, hope, joy, and sadness, for these are issues which not only affect Black individuals and the Black collective, but are also issues affecting the larger society. But the issues affect each group in different ways and with different outcomes. Black music speaks to, and addresses, some of these differences and outcomes. This course will discuss the Black creative role in the world of spirituals, blues, jazz, classical music, rhythm and blues, rock, and hip hop.

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Credits: 3

Introduces the research interests of the faculty, offering new courses that reflect current issues not yet incorporated into the curriculum. Offers, in addition, advanced study into topics covered in the standing curriculum. Topics change by semester. May be repeated within the term for a maximum 18 credits.
Specialized Designation: Topic Varies
Recommended Prerequisite: SOCI 101
Schedule Type: Lecture
This course is graded on the Undergraduate Regular scale.

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