SOCI 303: Methods and Logic of Inquiry

SOCI 303-DL1: Methods and Logic of Inquiry
(Fall 2024)


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We are all researchers of our everyday lives. We ask questions and come up with hypotheses on a daily basis. Many of our questions are practical: When should I arrive on campus to get a parking space? They have straight-forward answers: about an hour before my class starts.  But, even the most basic of questions can get complicated: What if there is an event on campus? What if there is an accident on the road? We are already attuned to the basic process of asking ourselves questions, imagining relevant variables, and coming up with good enough answers. 

What makes scientific inquiry different from this everyday process? In the social sciences we ask and answer questions systematically.  This means using data, evidence, reasoning, and interpretation in organized, well-defined ways. This course introduces you to the basic methods that sociologists use to produce scientific research. You will learn to read existing research papers, practice a range of research methods, and directly engage a project of sociological research. This course offers introductory training in research design, data collection, and sociological analysis. You will independently collect data, evaluate scholarly sources, organize and analyze data, and write a formal research proposal. You will learn to think and act as a sociological researcher.

SOCI 303-DL1 is an online asynchronous section.

Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Actively engages students in original inquiry meaningful to themselves and their communities. Demonstrates the reciprocal relationship between theory and empirical research. Explores the complementarity of interpretive and explanatory logics, employing basic sociological methods. Guides students to formulate problems and design research, culminating in a public presentation of their proposals to the sociology faculty. Limited to three attempts.
Specialized Designation: Writing Intensive in Major
Registration Restrictions:

Required Prerequisites: SOCI 101C or 101XS.
C Requires minimum grade of C.
XS Requires minimum grade of XS.

Schedule Type: Lecture
This course is graded on the Undergraduate Regular scale.

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