ANTH 309: Peoples and Cultures of India

ANTH 309-A01: Peoples and Cultures of India
(Summer 2023)


Section Information for Summer 2023

ANTH 309 - A01: Peoples and Cultures of India

This course introduces students to modern life in globalizing India, focusing on major cultural practices and social forms. Drawing on ethnographic accounts, historical documents, and documentary films, we will explore topics such as caste, class, religion, gender, politics, development, technology, and popular culture. We will discuss and analyze processes of social change and cultural conflict as we seek to understand Indias diversity, the relation between its past and present, and its place in the world. Students will learn how to apply concepts such as modernity, tradition, nationalism, and social stratification in a comparative context.

ANTH 309 A01 is a distance education section.


Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Examination of South Asia, with emphasis on India. Includes general overview of prehistory and history; impact of colonialism; contemporary Indian culture, including the changing relations of caste and class, family organization, and the roles of women, religion, and ideology; and current trends in economic development and socioeconomic differences in different parts of the country. Limited to three attempts.
Mason Core: Global Understanding
Specialized Designation: Non-Western Culture
Schedule Type: Lecture
This course is graded on the Undergraduate Regular scale.

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