Sociology and Anthropology
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

ANTH 699: Contemporary Issues in Sociocultural Anthropology

ANTH 699-002: Contemp Issue-Sociocult Anth
(Spring 2017)

01:30 PM to 02:45 PM MW

Robinson A410

Section Information for Spring 2017

Explores the history of evolutionary thought from the pre-enlightenment era to contemporary time. Discusses the originality of Darwin, the demise of Darwinian evolution at the early 20th Century, and triumphant ressurrection of Darwinian evolution following the New Synthesis in Evolutionary Biology. Discusses modern approaches to understanding evolution including the forces of evolution, population genetics, life history theory, phylogenetics, adaptation, plasticity, and functional adaptation, and evolutionary constraint. Examples are drawn across the spectra of organic life. 

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Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Explores current issues and debates in sociocultural anthropology. Notes: May be repeated when topic is different. May be repeated within the term for a maximum 6 credits.
Registration Restrictions:

Enrollment limited to students with a class of Advanced to Candidacy, Graduate, Non Degree or Senior Plus.

Enrollment is limited to Graduate, Non-Degree or Undergraduate level students.

Students in a Non-Degree Undergraduate degree may not enroll.

Schedule Type: Seminar

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